Nationwide Coverage Solutions

Nationwide Radio Supplies have two great digital two-way radio solutions that offer Nationwide coverage - 98% by population! The services are very competitively priced and available today. When you need 'Push-to-talk' communications beyond the boundaries of conventional systems, or don't wish to deploy your own infrastructure, this is the solution for you.

Traditional wide-area solutions (even the latest digital ones) require significant infrastructure investment and maintenance by the user, or heavy ongoing rental fees. But this investment still created a system with coverage limitations. We utilise unique 4G data SIMs that roam between all 4 UK mobile networks, locking on to the strongest signal and maximising connectivity.

It's ideal for local councils, taxi companies, waste carriers, courier companies, hauliers, remote workforces and many more.

Furthermore, our SIMs operate outside the UK - throughout all of Europe. Making it ideal for freight and haulage, international exhibition organisers, couriers and more.

Contact us for more information and a free demonstration. It's a revolution in wide area communications!

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