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Kenwood NX-200E dPMR Advanced Digital Business Radio
Kenwood NX-200S ..
Kenwood NX-200E3  dPMR Advanced Digital Business Radio
Kenwood NX-200E3 ..
Kenwood NX-200S dPMR Basic Digital Business Radio
Kenwood NX-200S ..
Motorola MOTOTRBO DP3400 Digital Business Radio
The Motorola DP3400 Portable Radios, part of the MOTOTRBO range, are ideal for professional organizations that need a customizable, business-critical communication solution using licensed spectrum. ETSI DMR Standard-compliant digital technolog..
Hytera RD985 DMR Digital Repeater
The RD985 digital repeater delivers the ‘real world’ requirements of a reliable, compact, multi-mode (digital and analogue) and affordable repeater. The RD985 allows you to extend your radio coverage over a wider operating area...
Icom IC-F3102D IDAS Digital Business Radio
The Icom IC-F3102D is the latest and smallest IDAS digital radio. It's the ideal choice for budget limited users who want to start migrating towards a fully digital radio system - for improved speech quality and coverage. The IC-F3102D is ..
Icom IC-F4029SDR IDAS Digital Licence-free Radio
The Icom IC-F4029SDR brings digital and analogue communication to the licence-free user. By incorporating the latest 6.25kHz ultra narrow digital voice technologies, the IC-F4029SDR brings users better communication versatility ..
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